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Patchouli is a type of #mint, which was originally native to Asia, but now is cultivated almost all over. It is widely known for its #perfume, a strong, thick scent— at once #earthy and yet laced with a #sweetness. The relative accessibility of the herb keeps costs low and fair.

Because it was traded in the 19th century with Oriental clothing the two became almost synonymous, until imitation traders needed to pair their clothing with the scent in order to do well at the market.

#Patchouli is also reputed for its health benefits: relieving depression, aiding inflammation, boosting the immune system and acting as an aphrodisiac. In #perfumery Patchouli is considered to be a stabiliser for the person’s emotional life.

We use Patchouli with a wide variety of ingredients being - #Bergamot, #Lemon Peel, #Freesia, #Sandalwood, #Cedarwood, #Magnolia, #Peach, #Vanilla and #Pear in our Flowers & Pear and our Peach & Magnolia fragrances.


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