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Our Story

Family owned and operated.

The home fragrance pinnacle.

Designed and hand made in Perth to complement exquisite interiors.

Flower Box Home Fragrance is boutique in nature.  Our mission remains the same today as it was five years ago - to create and provide the luxurious peak of home fragrance, both aesthetically and functionally. Our mission is not to compete with mass produced products.

Uniquely we've pledged to limit our growth to ensure the inimitable hand-crafted quality of our products remains unchanged and untainted. Outsourcing at the cost of quality directly contradicts our philosophy. 

The Flower Box Home Fragrance story began with our founder Robin residing in London. It was here that experimenting with candle making and fragrance turned from pastime to passion in the family home. In 2016 Robin departed London after 8 years to return home to Perth, Western Australia. Having experienced first-hand the premier home fragrance available throughout parts of Europe, Robin was found nothing of the same quality available within Australia upon her return. Almost immediately a vision was borne to source premier components and create world class products in the town she was born, raised and would once again call home. 

Flower Box Home Fragrance operations are based entirely in O'Connor, Western Australia. The business is deliberately split over three premises to easily differentiate the priorities within each premises - Head Office/Warehouse, Manufacturing & Showroom/Distribution. 

Our growth will remain limited to ensure the hand made quality of our products remains both unchanged and untainted. 

There is true beauty and accomplishment to be found in producing ones own goods. 

We pledge to create every distinctive fragrance product ourselves - inhouse - in Perth.

Who We Are.

Robin and Johnny both studied in Grasse; the epicentre of the perfumery world. Robin at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery and Johnny at both The Candle Academy Grasse & the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. Johnny has since studied Strategic Innovation at Oxford University. Both are constantly working to further their knowledge and do so only by learning from those of the highest repute. A distinctive, accomplished and unparalleled home fragrance range now lives through embracing generational differences and nurturing divergent dispositions. 

Combining a passion for home fragrance and a longstanding desire to launch a business, Robin and her stepson Johnny formed an unlikely step-mother and step-son business partnership. Together, sights were set towards transforming dreams into reality. Henceforth, Flower Box Home Fragrance was a living and breathing entity. 





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