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Pink Grapefruit

The Grapefruit Tree is a citrus tree well-known for its sweet and bitter fruit. This sweet and bitter taste was the result of cross-breeding between the Jamaican sweet Orange and the Indonesian Pomelo fruit. Grapefruit was discovered by the Reverend Griffith Hughes, who called it “the forbidden fruit”.

Pink Grapefruit

About a hundred years later an American entrepreneur, Kimball Atwood, began the Atwood Grapefruit Company, which became the world’s biggest grove of grapefruits— and there it was that the first pink grapefruit was found.

#Grapefruit is rich with Vitamin C, antioxidants, supports clear skin and helps with weight loss.

We enjoy our grapefruit flavour striking a fresh, tart and energising balance between the bitter and sweet range.

We use Pink Grapefruit with other fragrances such as Cucumber, Wild Basil, Melon, Cyclamen, Gardenia and Fir Needles in our Cucumber & Wild Basil and Pink Flowers fragrances.


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