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Fir Needle

Fir Needles, the ‘leaves’ of a fir tree, through a method of steam distillation, can be made into an essential oil that is said to have a rafter broad range of health benefits. It is great for a natural detox, but most significantly has been used to boost the immune system and to combat cancer.

Fir Needles

The leaves or needles of the fir tree, which have a mellow and deep earthen scent, are the features that set it apart from the other members of the large and common pine family— a lot of which are known for their various uses. Like the Balsam fir and the Noble fir, both used as Christmas trees; or the Douglas fir, known for its majestic, elegant and pleasantly sweet smelling nature.

Our floral explosion fragrance 'Pink Flowers' includes the Fir Needle scent as a natural woody foundation for the lighter and more floral hints of Cyclamen, Pink Jasmine and Pink Grapefruit.


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