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As published by The West Australian

Fragrance collection a tribute to home and family

Published by The West Australian - Friday 29th June 2018

Written by Raquel de Brito

Photography by Iain Gillespie

This article is not written or owned by Flower Box Home Fragrance.

It could be argued that smell is our most powerful sense, with its ability to conjure up old memories and leave a lasting impression.

The mark it left on Robin Van Der Wielen and her stepson Johnny was certainly a life-changing one.

While living in London, they were so impressed by the sophistication of Europe’s home fragrance market, they set out to fill a niche in the market in Perth.

The fragrance range, all locally made in Perth, is diverse to suit any taste, from elegant floral notes like peach and magnolia to tropical-inspired Aqua scents.

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From their garage, the creative duo began their home fragrance collection, Flower Box, combining enticing fragrances with sleek and sophisticated products to enhance a home’s interior.

“We only stayed in there for about two months before we realised we needed to move,” Robin says. “In September last year, we moved into a factory in O’Connor where we manufacture everything by hand. So every single product that leaves our factory is made by us in the factory.”

This is more than just a passion project for the Van Der Wielens, with Robin refining her knowledge of perfumery at one of the top perfume schools in the world, the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, and Johnny attending the Candle Academy in Grasse, in southern France.

“We work with a perfumer in Australia that puts all our fragrances together,” Robin says.

The personalised nature of their business is clearly appealing to the market and the duo already have plans to expand to the Eastern States.

The Flower Box Home Fragrance product range includes 10 fragrances available in a 1kg silver candle, interior perfume, a mini diffuser and a hallmark diffuser.

“Our main differentiator has been our large diffuser. It’s 700ml in a French decanter and it lasts for 12 months so it’s a very big vessel,” Robin says.

The range of fragrances is varied to suit any taste, from the coastal-inspired Aqua scent to more floral scents such as their Peach & Magnolia blend.

“In the new range, we have a few more unisex and dark and earthy fragrances,” Johnny says.

“We have Blood Plum & Leather and Cucumber & Wild Basil is a new one we have bought out,” he adds.

When it comes to choosing a fragrance for your home, Robin says there is no need to restrict yourself to one fragrance.

“Fragrance layering is quite popular now. I’ve got two different diffusers in my lounge room in each corner and as I pass through I get different experiences from them both and I think you can have lots of different things going on in different rooms and also even in the same room,” she reveals.

“Some people will like it to be the same all the way through. That’s their personal taste.”

The aroma of home

The range of scents available at Flower Box Home Fragrance can be enjoyed all year round.

But if you’re looking to evoke the changing seasons inside your home, Robin and Johnny Van Der Wielen suggest the following fragrances from their line:

  • Summer Cucumber & Wild Basil, Flowers & Pear, Aqua

  • Autumn Amber Orchid

  • Winter Warming fragrances such as Blood Plum & Leather, White Cedar Wood, Amber Orchid

  • Spring Floral fragrances such as Peach & Magnolia, Pink Flowers

This blog post has not been written by flowerboxhomefragrance. The purpose of this blog is merely to share the text written by Raquel de Brito at The West Australian. Photography credit to Iain Gillespie. The "Fragrance collection a tribute to home and family" article is not owned by Flower Box Home Fragrance.

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