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Updated: Jun 23, 2021

An Effortless Style Guide To Giving Your Home A Touch Of Elegance

Add a luxurious feel- by InStyle

Home fragrance is the perfect finishing touch for any room and it can be argued that no home is truly complete without it. Used to relax, welcome guests and even add to a room’s look and feel, home fragrance whether candles, diffusers or interior scents are vital elements of design. In these uncertain times, there’s no better time to indulge in an exquisite fragrance to fill your home and workspace.

Below, three ways to give your home a touch of elegance with home fragrance.

Diffusers There’s no easier way to enlighten your interior space with constant fragrance and refined luxury than a diffuser. Flower Box’s diffuser ranges are hand-poured in Perth, containing 700mL of fragrance contained in a chic French-made decanter. Each diffuser comes with a box of twenty extra-length reeds which will keep your room bathed in fragrance for twelve months. Choose from a decadent list of fragrances, including Lemongrass and Lime Zest, which merges fresh lemon peel over soft floral and vanilla undertones. Or add some feminine charm to the home with the Pink Flowers fragrance, bringing together floral notes in a lavish blend: Pink Jasmine, Gardenia and Cyclamen combined to create a luxurious burst of unforgettable notes.

Hallmark Diffusers, $109.95


Interior Spray 

Bathing your home in a refreshing and unique home scent is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance, especially during these uncertain times. No longer just a way for people to spritz their homes for guests, home fragrances now offer up a perfect way to add another layer of luxury and style to bring a sense of comfort. Flower Box’s White Rose fragrance brings with it a symbol of new beginnings, uniting white roses with the rare luxurious scent of oud wood. This pair is uniquely merged with black pepper to represent the yin and yang of everlasting love, tied together by the soft and familiar touches of smooth vanilla and patchouli.

White Roses & Oud Wood - Interior Perfume, $37.95


Add A Feature Piece

There’s no doubt about it, luxury candles are the ultimate interior accessory, whether you want to add ambience to your living room or have a relaxing candlelit bath. They’re a go-to for transforming your home in literally seconds. A candle, while adding its luxurious scent around the home, can also be used to elevate your space with chic simplicity. Flower Box’s Amber Orchid delivers the magnificence of an Oriental Orchid, the sharpness of Ginger Root and the earthiness of Amber – effortlessly tangled together by Bergamot and Heliotrope. The unique scent is pulled together in a 1000g tri-wicked candle encased in stainless steel. The perfect addition to any interior space.

1kg Silver Candle, $94.95


This blog post has not been written by flowerboxhomefragrance. The purpose of this blog is merely to share the text and photos written and chosen by InStyle for their "An Effortless Style Guide To Giving Your Home A Touch Of Elegance" article.

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