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As published by marie claire

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Why A Burst Of Fragrance Is The Ultimate In Home Elegance

Flower Box is the perfect touch to any home - by marie claire

Flower Box Home Fragrance Luxury Gift Mothers Day

There’s a sense of luxury that comes with a comforting home fragrance, and some would argue no home is quite complete without one. While self-isolating during these uncertain times, there’s never been a better excuse to indulge in the easy, at-home elegance of a fresh and exquisite luxury fragrance – bathing your home and workspace in a scent that is unique and calming.

Whether that be through a favourite luxury candle, a bespoke essential oil blend in a chic diffuser or a delicate room spray, there are many ways to add that extra homely feel. Flower Box offers up enticing fragrances with sophisticated products to enhance your home’s interior. The company’s unique Flower Box Home Fragrance product range includes ten fragrances available in a 1kg silver candle, interior perfume, a mini diffuser and a hallmark diffuser – essentially, all you need to add that extra touch.

The fragrance range, all locally made in Perth, is diverse to suit any taste, from elegant floral notes like peach and magnolia to tropical-inspired Aqua scents.

Flower Box Home Fragrance Luxury Gift Mothers Day

French Rosé - Package Absolute, $189.95


With plenty of fragrances to choose from, Flower Box has also released two limited-edition scents in both diffuser and candle form, French Rosé and white roses and oud wood, just in time for Mother’s Day on May 10.

You can even add in a special message to go along with the fragrance of choice, adding a touch of personality to the already luxe experience.

This blog post has not been written by flowerboxhomefragrance. The purpose of this blog is merely to share the text and photos written and chosen by marie claire for their "Why A Burst Of Fragrance Is The Ultimate In Home Elegance" article.

View original article - published 28th April 2020


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