Candle Snuffer - Stainless Steel 


The safest and most satisfying method of extinguishing your candle at the end of each burn. 


Opulently presented within a drawstring jewellery pouch.


Caring for your candle (along with the location in which it burns) ensures optimal burn conditions. 


Optimal burn conditions, in turn, ensure the optimal fragrance experience and a reduction in carbon deposit.


Follow this procedure for the optimal fragrance experience.

After Burning - Extinguish your candle with your Candle Snuffer.

Prior to Burning - Trim burnt wicks to no longer than 7mm with your Candle Wick Trimmer.

Lighting - Ignite your candle again with your USB Rechargeable Electric Arc Lighter.

Cleaning - Clean the outside of your candle with your Cleaning Cloth.


The very best in candle care.

For the luxurious peak of home fragrance.

Designed to complement exquisite interiors. 

Candle Snuffer