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Candle Wick Trimmer - Stainless Steel 


Essential for a clean burning candle.


Burnt wicks should always be trimmed before relighting your candle. 


Our Candle Wick Trimmer naturally catches the burnt ends when trimming, easily disposed of once trimming is complete. 


Opulently presented within a drawstring jewellery pouch.


Caring for your candle (along with the location in which it burns) ensures optimal burn conditions. 

Optimal burn conditions, in turn, ensure the optimal fragrance experience and a reduction in carbon deposit.


Follow this procedure for the optimal fragrance experience.

After Burning - Extinguish your candle with your Candle Snuffer.

Prior to Burning - Trim burnt wicks to no longer than 7mm with your Candle Wick Trimmer.

Lighting - Ignite your candle again with your USB Rechargeable Electric Arc Lighter.

Cleaning - Clean the outside of your candle with your Cleaning Cloth.


The very best in candle care.

For the luxurious peak of home fragrance. 

Designed to complement exquisite interiors. 

Wick Trimmer

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