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Fresh Lemongrass, Vanilla Beans, Pacific Coconut, Ripe Pineapple & Peach


A limited adaptation of our most loved fragrance, the unmistakable Fresh Lemongrass. Our sweet, sharp and zesty classic is transformed with swaying palms abound in plump Pacific Coconut. 


Balanced with ripe Pineapple alongside slices of juicy Peach this rounded adaptation is here to evoke a newfound balance within your interior. 

Thyme, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Musk, Lime & Olive Leaves


Crisp, clean and contemporary influences form a harmonious blend of gilded green magnificence. Fresh Lime dances with Bergamot the citrus prince to embody a deep herbal undertone. Substantiated with Olive Leaves in the presence of Thyme, Musk & Sandalwood. An olfactory assertion of instinct and intuition.

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