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The Package Absolute contains three distinctive handmade products in your chosen fragrance.  Complete with a luxurious gift box containing all three products the Flower Box Home Fragrance Package Absolute makes for an impeccable gift. 


Interior Perfume x 1 

Hallmark Diffuser x 1 

The Standard Diffuser x 1 

All contained within a luxurious gift box. 


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Interior Perfume

100mL Interior Perfume spray. Approximately 800 sprays per bottle. Jewellery pouch included.

3 sprays of Interior Perfume will enhance your chosen space with a burst of fragrance.


Hallmark Diffuser 


Enhance your interior design with the unrivalled presence of a Hallmark Diffuser.

Enliven your space with the finest Australian-made fragrance for an entire year.  

Fragrance contained within French-made glass decanter.

12 month diffusion lifespan.

Hallmark Diffuser Care Card included.

FBHF Grey Hallmark Diffuser Reeds included.

Presented in a luxurious gift box sealed in ribbon.

Hand poured in Perth, Western Australia.

An unsurpassable gift in every sense.  


The Standard Diffuser


The Standard to which all diffusers hold themselves accountable. 

Enliven a medium to large interior with exquisite Australian made fragrance.

Fragrance contained within a bespoke 210mL glass vessel.

4 month diffusion lifespan.

The Standard Diffuser care card included.

FBHF Grey The Standard Diffuser Reeds included. 

Presented in a luxurious gift box sealed in ribbon.

Hand poured in Perth, Western Australia. 


Personal messages can be sent with your hand made Australian product for no extra charge. All personal messages are supplied hand written on an understated card.  Invoices are not included with any product being sent as a gift.

Package Absolute Gift Box

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