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Leather & Oakwood

Oakwood, Leather, Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla & Clary Sage 

An earthy and masculine scent with top notes of Clary Sage chased by the rich woody scent of Oakwood. Tobacco Leaf and Leather provide a warming base with overlays of Tonka Bean and Vanilla for a comforting and luxurious fragrace experience. 


Leather & Oakwood Automobile Perfume Spray 100mL x 1 



Use 3-5 Sprays of your chosen Automobile Perfume on your carpet mats to instantly revitalise your vehicle. For a stronger fragrance experience, also spray underneath car seats and into the boot of your vehicle. 


Approximately 800 sprays per Automobile Perfume.


Hand poured in Perth, Western Australia.


Personal messages can be sent with your hand made Australian product for no extra charge. All personal messages are supplied hand written on an understated card.  Invoices are not included with any product being sent as a gift.

Leather & Oakwood - Automobile Perfume

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