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Fresh Lemongrass & Pacific Coconut

A Limited Release Fragrance 

Fresh Lemongrass, Vanilla Beans, Pacific Coconut, Ripe Pineapple & Peach

​A limited adaptation of our most loved fragrance, the unmistakable Fresh Lemongrass. Our sweet, sharp and zesty classic is transformed with swaying palms abound in plump Pacific Coconut. 

Balanced with ripe Pineapple alongside slices of juicy Peach this rounded adaptation is here to evoke a newfound balance within your interior. 


300mL Premium Diffuser Liquid.


Hand poured in Perth, Western Australia.


We recommend Flower Box Home Fragrance Diffusers are replenished with Premium Diffuser Refill every 2 - 6 months to maintain optimal fragrance performance. 


Frequent replenishment will ensure your home gains the most it can from your distinctive fragrance. 


Premium Diffuser Refill can be used either to refill your Flower Box Home Fragrance vessel at the end of its fragrance journey OR to replenish your diffuser throughout its lifespan.


Recommended Refill Procedure:


Mini Diffuser

We recommend allowing your Mini Diffuser to live its 2 month life without replenisment.

After 2 months (when your Premium Diffuser Liquid should be all but gone) is the perfect time to grant your Mini Diffuser a new life by refilling your precious 100mL glass vessel. At this point simply refill your glass vessel with 100mL Premium Diffuser Liquid to commence another 2 months of fragrance diffusion.

*Do not overfill your vessel, liquid will momentarily rise when submerging fresh diffuser reeds.


Hallmark Diffuser

We recommend replenishing your Hallmark Diffuser with Premium Diffuser Liquid every 2 - 6 months to ensure your distincitve fragrance remains at peak performance. 

To replenish your Hallmark Diffuser simply pour Premium Diffuser Liquid into your French decanter until the liquid reaches the shoulder line of your vessel.

By perpetually replenishing your Hallmark Diffuser every 2 - 6 months one can ensure their chosen fragrance remains at peak performance for as long as they see fit...forever if need be.

*Do not overfill your vessel, liquid will momentarily rise when submerging fresh diffuser reeds


Diffuser Reeds:

Remember we recommend replacing your Diffuser Reeds every 6 months to ensure optimal fragrance dispersion. With a Premium Diffuser Refill replenishment and a fresh set of reeds your fragrance journey will have just began - again. 

Fresh Lemongrass & Pacific Coconut - Premium Diffuser Refill

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