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True Hand Soap - Covid19 Appeal

Flower Box Home Fragrance proudly presents our latest Gift with Purchase promotion.

A 300mL True Hand Soap is now being offered as a complimentary gift with the purchase of any Mini or Hallmark Diffuser from any one of our beautiful stockists located around the country. Flower Box Home Fragrance pledge to donate $3.00 to the UNICEF Australia Covid19 Appeal fund for every True Hand Soap we give away.

We're determined as a small family owned business to have any form of positive impact towards the defeat of covid19 that we can.

The 300mL True Hand Soap is made from Coconut & Olive Oil with Goats Milk to soften and nourish. Available only in the subtle Pear Noir fragrance.

We're offering complimentary True Hand Soaps for two reasons:

1 - To encourage the regular, proper cleaning of hands locally.

2 - To support the Unicef Australia Covid19 Appeal fund. This fund aims is to both educate on the importance of hygiene and provide the necessary items to do so in heavily populated believed to be prone to future outbreaks.

We would like to acknowledge that the visual appearance of this True Hand Soap is not in line with our usual standard or brand philosophy. This True Hand Soap has been pulled together from the very limited items currently available in the local market and in no way reflects the aesthetics of the liquid soap we may or may not release in the future.

What we can assure you of is that the Liquid Soap itself is of the highest quality originating from the USA, all ingredients are listed on the bottle.

We're going ahead with the release of this in an effort to do something positive, therefore we kindly ask you not to judge us on the presentation.

Hand poured in Perth, Western Australia. As always.

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Fresh Lemongrass Hallmark Diffuser and True Hand Soap

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Flower Box Home Fragrance True Hand Soap

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Fresh Lemongrass Mini Diffuser and True Hand Soap


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