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Limited Release Christmas Fragrance - Summer Holidays

We are proud to release another Limited Release fragrance, this time in the name of Christmas – and more specifically Australian Christmas time falling over the Summer Holidays.



Appropriately named 'Summer Holidays' for the time in which it represents, this tantalizing fragrance is tailored for Australians to represent the time of year we know to be Christmas! Crisp and somewhat acidic notes of Fresh Grapefruit and Lemon are first encountered, but mellowed and balanced by the subtle-sweet scent of Heliotrope. Natural notes of Lime Leaves play their role, however Creamy Coconut completes this fragrance like no other...guaranteed to leave you wanting more - just like the Summer Holidays.

Summer Holidays Hallmark Diffuser

'Summer Holidays' is available only in the unique Hallmark Diffuser, and with a 12 month diffusion lifespan this product is guaranteed to last until our next Limited Release Christmas Fragrance is released in November 2019! Being a Limited Release Fragrance, 'Summer Holidays' is only available in-stores and online until stock runs out...

'Summer Holidays' Hallmark Diffusers come presented with a vibrant maroon-red Merry Christmas/Joyeux Noel custom made ribbon - ready to make the perfect festive gift for absolutely anybody this Christmas. We have been careful to create a festive fragrance unique to Australia that (unlike so many Christmas fragrances) will not tire after Christmas and the Summer holiday period has been and gone.


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