SUMMER HOLIDAYS - A Limited Release Fragrance 

Fresh Grapefruit, Lemon, Heliotrope, Lime Leaves & Creamy Coconut 


Summer Holidays is back! Appropriately named 'Summer Holidays' for the time in which it represents, this tantalizing fragrance is tailored for Australian Christmas time. Crisp and somewhat acidic notes of Fresh Grapefruit and Lemon are first encountered, but mellowed and balanced by the subtle sweet scent of Heliotrope. Natural notes of Lime Leaves play their role, however Creamy Coconut completes this fragrance like no other; guaranteed to leave you wanting more - just like Summer Holidays.



290g bi-wicked candle encased in permanently printed translucent white glass vessel. Silver lid doubles as burning plate. Approximately 50 hour burn time. Candle Care Card included.


Summer Holidays Limited Release Luminous White Candle comes presented in a gift box wrapped with gold double-face satin ribbon; ready to make a breathtaking, festive and seasonally appropriate gift for absolutely anyone.

Personal messages can be sent with your package for no extra charge.

Summer Holidays - Luminous White Candle


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