Premium Diffuser Refill - 300mL

300mL Premium Diffuser Liquid - Available in all 10 distinctive fragrances


To ensure your home gains the most it can from your Flower Box Home Fragrance product please read below recomendations. 


Premium Diffuser Refill can be used to refill your Flower Box Home Fragrance vessel at the end of its fragrance journey. We recommend allowing your Mini or Hallmark Diffuser to complete its fragrance journey before refilling. Please allow your vessel ample time to dry completely before refilling with the same fragrance - A cloudy appearence and/or suboptimal performance may result if your vessel has not dried completely before refilling. 


Mini Diffuser - we recommend allowing the Mini Diffuser to live its 4 month life without replenisment.

After 4 months (when your Premium Diffuser Liquid should be all but gone) is the perfect time to lend a new lease on your Mini Diffuser's lifespan by refilling your Italian glass vessel. At this point simply refill your Italian glass vessel with 200mL of Premium Diffuser Liquid to allow another 4 months of fragrance diffusion.


Hallmark Diffuser - we recommend allowing your Hallmark Diffuser to live it full lifespan without replenisment.

After 6 - 12 months (when your Premium Diffuser Liquid should be all but gone) is the perfect time to grant your Hallmark Diffuser a new lease on life by refilling your French made decanter. 2 x Premium Diffuser Refills (600mL total) will grant your Hallmark Diffuser another 5 - 11 month lifespan. 


Diffuser Reeds - we recommend replacing your diffuser reeds every 6 months to ensure optimal fragrance dispersion. With a Premium Diffuser Refill replenishment and a new set of reeds your Flower Box Home Fragrance diffuser will truly have a new lease on life!

Premium Diffuser Refill