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Experience the distinctive Flower Box (Home Fragrance) Library in its entirety. 

All ten hand-poured Interior Perfumes present you with a discovery experience like no other. Get to know our library before deciding on your distinctive fragrance - or the distinctive fragrance most suited to each of your interior spaces. 


800 sprays per bottle = 8,000 sprays combined. 


Less than $0.04 per spray. 


Interior Perfume 

100mL Interior Perfume spray. Approximately 800 sprays per bottle. Jewellery pouch included.

3 sprays of Interior Perfume will enhance your chosen space with a burst of fragrance.

Interior Perfumes are individually packaged in jewellery pouches, ready for gifting. Personal messages can be sent with your package for no extra charge.


Personal messages can be sent with your hand made Australian products for no extra charge.

All personal messages are supplied hand written on an understated card. 

Invoices are not included with any product being sent as a gift.

Interior Perfume Discovery Experience

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