290g Candle Gift Package

290g Candle Gift Package

Two 290g Silver Candles.

Two Fragrance Encapsulators.

Contained within substantial magnetic gift box. 

A truly noticeable gift. 


Your choice of distinctive fragrance.  


A personal message can be sent with your package for no extra charge.


290g Silver Candle 

Enhance your interior with incomparable stainless-steel design.

Enliven your space with bi-flame ambiance and a bountiful scent throw.

290g bi-wicked candle encased within an engraved stainless steel vessel.

The stainless steel lid doubles as a burning platform to protect your interior surfaces. 

50 hour burn time.

Made with 100% coconut and soy wax, the finest Australian-made fragrance and German-engineered cotton wicks.

Candle Care Card included.

Polishing Cloth included. 

Presented in a luxurious gift box complete with a hand-tied bow.

Hand poured in Perth, Western Australia.

A perfect gift for those who desire a cut above the rest.

Personal messages can be sent with your handmade Australian product for no extra charge. All personal messages are supplied hand written on an understated card.  Invoices are not included with any product being sent as a gift.

To correctly care for your candle - Candle Care Kit

To encapsulate your fragrance and prevent dust gathering - Fragrance Encapsulator


Fragrance Encapsulator 

Blown glass dome

Aesthetically understated and geometrically sublime. These glass domes have been carefully designed not to detract or obscure the candles they encapsulate, but rather enhance the physical qualities within.

Functionally the Fragrance Encapsulator keeps your candle entirely dust free, preserves the premier Australian made fragrance within and prevents unnecessary marks on your mirrored silver surface.